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10th Dec 2020

How to rock your next job interview

This has been a highly requested episode, and I'm SO excited to finally be sharing with you!

Fortunately, this will not just involve me sharing a limited 22 years of experience (lol) but I am delighted to be joined by the fantastic writer, speaker, coach and mentor Lori Webb, who has such a depth and breath of knowledge and varied experience in this field.

Lori and I deconstruct familiar yet intimidating questions like 'Tell me about yourself', we discuss how to leverage the power of story-telling to answer 'Tell me about a time when...' questions in a way which is personal and engaging, and Lori shares practical tips to help boost your confidence and self-esteem as you prepare for your next job interview.

This is a notebook and pen kind of episode: whether you have an interview lined up or you're just wanting to clean up your CV and get your LinkedIn profile in order, this is the episode FOR YOU. Why not share it with a friend also preparing for an interview, and put into practice some of the ideas proposed in the conversation?

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